E-LINK HDMI Matrix Processor /Video Wall Controller S Series 16 Input - 32 Output

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Video Wall Processor -- 28 Input - 32Output Tipe terbaru S Series dengan harga yang lebih terjangkau dan fitur-fitur yang lebih canggih, antara lain:

  • Support opening up to 8 windows on each two screens (mampu penampilkan 8 windows pada 2 layar secara simultan)
  • Support up to 16 video wall groups control on single controller (mendukung 16 video wall group hanya dengan satu alat kontrol)
  • Support 4K HDMI input/ out with dual channel card  (mendukung input & output 4K dengan dual channel card)
  • Ultra HD background image display
  • Mobile visual management applications, support iPad, iPhone, Surface
  • 6.25G/s base exchange processing speed for better image on playing high speed video
  • 2 (two) years full parts warranty

*Harga sudah termasuk PPN 110%  


Main chasis : up to 8U chasis for upgradable up to 32 inputs/ 32 outputs
Systems structure : Pure hardware FPGA architecture
Operating systems : Non PC type, No need Operating Systems, No need anti-virus
Board type : Pure hardware pluggable, Hot-Swappable Structure
Features : - support VGA/ DVI/ HDMI/ CVBS/ DP/ SDI/ HDBT/ IP Video/ Fiber input source
    - support VGA/ DVI/ HDMI/ SDI/ CVBS/ SDI/ HDBT/ IP Video/ output source
    - support hot-swappable for I/O modules, control modules, redundant P/S (option)
    - support 4K DP/ HDMI/ Dual-link DVI input & 4K HDMI output
    - support opening up to 8 windows on each two screens
    - support up to 16 video wall groups control on single controller and work with variety of display
    - support scene management up to set up & display 128 scenes
    - integrated with hybrid matrix function, output windows switching
    - variety of control methods such as RS-232, Network, Touchscreens and 3rd party controller
    - support multi-user control management, software can be set through the operation authority,  according to the authority level to develop different operating functions, level & priviledges
    - B/S and C/S dual mode visualization control platform, support roaming, overlay, zoom in/out,
      multi-windowing, switch, overlay, PiP, signal clip, split screen, combination screen & full screen
    - mobile visual management applications, support iOS
    - support EDID & customize the output resolution



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