TOA Chairman Unit with Long Microphone Wireless Conference System TS-901

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  • cordless
  • easily installed and removed
  • equipped with a remaining battery indicator
  • priority speech key which allows it to take precedence over the TS-902 Delegate units (optional) when speaking
  • it can be operated on either the AD-0910 AC adapter (optional) or the BP-900 lithium-ion battery (optional)
  • two types of dedicated microphones are made available for the TS-901 as optional products: the TS-903 standard type and the TS-904 long type
Power Source
7.4 V DC (battery), 9 V DC (AC adapter) (supplied from BP-900 battery (option) or AD-0910 AC adapter (option))
Current Consumption
Max. 270 mA
Wavelength 870 nm (AM: Brightness modulation)
Modulation Method Frequency modulation
Carrier Frequency
  • Transmission: Audio channel 1: 7.35 MHz
  • Audio channel 2: 8.10 MHz
  • Audio channel 3: 8.55 MHz
  • Audio channel 4: 9.15 MHz
  • Control channel: 6.45 MHz
  • Reception: Base language channel: 1.95 MHz
  • Translation language channel: 2.25 MHz
Acceptance Angle Vertical: 90゜, Horizontal: 120゜
Emission Angle Vertical: 90゜, Horizontal: 120゜
Covering Range 7 m (22.97 ft) (radius)
Input Microphone terminal: XLR-4-31 type (dedicated for connecting the optional TS-903 or TS-904)
Output Monitor speaker: 8 Ω, 0.2 W, Headphone: φ3.5 mm mini Jack (3P:monaural) × 2
LED Indicator Speech indicator (flashes when the unit is out of communications range), Voting status indicators 1 -3, Power indicator (flashes when the unit is out of communications range or when the battery level is low)
Function Monitor volume control, Headphone volume control, Priority speech function, Voting function, Monitor selector switch (MAIN/SUB)
Battery Life Approx. 10 hours (when the fully-charged BP-900 battery is used with "During speech" to "Standby" ratio of 1:2)
Operating Temperature 0 ℃ to +40 ℃ (32 ゜F to 104 ゜F)
Operating Humidity 90 %RH or less (no condensation)
Finish Top panel: ABS resin, gray metallic, paint, semi-gloss
  • Microphone: TS-903, TS-904 (Select either one.)
  • Lithium-ion battery: BP-900
  • AC adapter: AD-0910
Dimension 15.2 x 21 x 6.86 cm


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